A Message From Yale President Peter Salovey

Welcome to Yale for Life!

Yale Alumni and Parents:

Come back to Yale, and once again be a part of the fabric of this place, as you  immerse yourself in a life-changing week of learning, camaraderie, and joy.  Brilliant seminars, world-class professors, and the hidden glories of Yale await you.

Watch and listen as Steve Tomlin ’83 talks about his experience at Yale for Life.

Learn about our 2016 Programs!

Yale for Life programs are each limited to approximately 20 participants.  This year, we have put together a particularly deep collection of faculty and discussion material.  Click on the courses to learn more!

A New Birth of Freedom: How the Civil War Made a New America

June 5-11, 2016

Professors: Akhil Reed Amar and John Fabian Witt

Join two of Yale’s most distinguished scholars – both with appointments in Yale College departments as well as Yale Law School – in an entirely new and innovative look at the Civil War:  as the great divide that – perhaps – created a new nation.  We will read, discuss, and debate theories of Freedom as expressed in our laws, but also in speeches and actions.  We will study slavery defenders, including John C. Calhoun (Class of 1804); a “Constitutional Biography of Slavery;” Dred Scott’s America; the Civil War as a Modern War, a catastrophe that gave rise to the hope and failure of Reconstruction and the nation we know; and so much more.  Click to learn more…

World Order and the Meaning of History

June 19-25, 2016

Professors: Charles Hill and Bryan Garsten

Are non-state actors, from Al Qaeda to ISIS to the European Union, the future?  Do empires inevitably decline?  How do governmental entities conduct relations?  More fundamentally, why are there now nations, whereas for millennia there were only empires? What is the basis of diplomacy?  And ultimately, how does a statesman conduct effective statesmanship?  Yale for Life now harnesses the strengths of two of Yale’s great programs: Directed Studies, and Grand Strategies, to seek in foundational texts, artworks, and more, the tools to understand statesmanship, the relationships among political entities, and – ultimately – what history itself means.  The legendary Charles Hill will be joined by Yale Humanities Director Bryan Garsten as our guides – but also as our fellow questioners, for this is a new and innovative course that will break new ground.  You can be part of it!  Click here for much more…

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