Our Mission

Yale for Life brings alumni “back to Yale” for an intellectual experience characterized by depth, challenge, excellence, and joy. Alumni profoundly reconnect with the University by engaging in Yale’s core mission of learning – at the “Yale level” – and thus leave a Yale for Life program with a new, stronger bond – with the University, and with each other.

For one week, Yale for Life participants return to New Haven and plunge into intensive and profound study of a timeless subject.  We live together at Yale, eat together, have swipe cards and access to Yale’s resources and wonders, from the libraries to the museums and athletic facilities. You will receive your readings well before of the program, so you can prolong the learning and anticipation in the months ahead of it.  You will emerge from the week not only feeling “more educated,” perhaps in a way you have not experienced for many years, but also energized, determined to continue to integrate the life of the mind into your life beyond our program. Program cost is $4,900 which includes all classes, all meals, all readings (books are sent to you), special activities, and lodging – this year, in the brand new and beautiful boutique Blake Hotel right adjacent to campus!

RECONNECT with Yale for Life

How many of us yearn to feed the intellectual thirst that goes unquenched in the day-to-day of our lives? We think back to our days at Yale fondly, but – with the perspective of years – perhaps regretting that we missed the chance to fully embrace the wisdom and passion of incredible professors and peers. Here is your chance to do it again (without papers and grades!), and to do it right.

As alumni, we return to Yale for reunions, football, perhaps to see our children at Yale. But in a sense, we are outside the institution, observing it, remembering it. At Yale for Life, “All Yale’s treasures will be yours, once again.” The greatest of these is the institution itself, and you will feel the thrill of abundance once again – intellectual, interpersonal, architectural, and more.

Yale for Life, now in our ninth year, has been consistently rated a fantastic success by its participants. Consider that over 50% of those who took a YFL program – in Grand Strategies, Rome, 1914-1945, Directed Studies (Greece), Civil War, World Order, and many other topics – returned for another (and more, in many cases). This is no passive, anonymous seat in a lecture hall. Our courses are entirely seminar-based, with Yale’s best professors sharing the week with you – in class, at your meals, and at special events that go beyond the classroom.

ENRICH yourself through Yale for Life

Yale for Life embodies the values of many of Yale’s greatest and most famous courses:

  • Seminar Format
  • Great reading well ahead of the course
  • Foundational learning through Great Books and other primary sources
  • Interdisciplinary, humanistic approach to fundamental issues
  • Guest professors who offer unique perspectives

Watch and listen to a 2014 Yale for Life co-lead professor, from our “Revisiting 1914-1945” course, speak about his Yale for Life experience.

Yale for Life –

A Complete Yale Experience

Yale for Life is so much more than the usual “continuing education” program – far beyond a passive classroom.

Great Reading

A real intellectual exploration awaits you in the months leading up to your course.  This is no abridged or simplified reading list; great, challenging readings will prepare you to really learn.

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The Seminar Classroom

Limited to about 20 students, the exchange of ideas is exhilarating. Here is where that reading pays off, with the world’s greatest teachers – and students.

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 Yale’s Greatest Professors

Unparalleled access and contact with “Yale’s heroes” – in and out of class, all week long!

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Learning At Yale

The pure joy of living at and being a part of Yale again, as you walk around the campus with a profound purpose: to learn, from everything Yale has to offer.

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Special Events

Private access to Yale’s treasures, guided by the incredible experts that Yale possesses in every corner of the University.  The things you missed when you were here before, now are before you, not just to see, but to learn from.

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Guest Professors

The incredible richness and depth of Yale’s faculty bring their expertise to the classroom and to informal discussion over meals with you – a new world-class leader every day, in addition to (and teaming up with) our stellar lead faculty.

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Your Classmates

Your new Yale Community.  Share the challenge, the camaraderie, the exhilaration and the excellence. At the end of this intense week, you will have forged a bond that will endure beyond the program.

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Our Courses

Yale for Life courses are unique – relentlessly interdisciplinary, ambitious, timeless, rigorous, extraordinary. We study the biggest questions through the lens of a particular course’s focus, always challenging student and faculty alike. You have never done anything like this before.

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Listen to Andy Lipka ’78 respond to a question: Who is the “ideal” Yale for Life participant?

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